Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Monday I took a day trip to the Roman town of Trier. Trier is Germany's oldest city with possibly the highest concentration of churches I've ever seen (and I live in the Midwest). It was very pretty. Take a quick tour with me?

Porta Nigra (Black Gate)

Christmas Market, regrettably not yet open

Trier Cathedral, including a relics room

Liebfrauenkirche - Church of Our Lady

Church of St. Gandold

Basilica of St. Castor/main Protestant church, built by the Romans
 As you can see, it started off a gray day and became more sunny as time went on. As you can see, the sheer number of churches is rather startling, to the point that I have some pictures of churches and no names to put with them. The ones here are the main group.

I enjoyed lunch at a counter in Trier and window-shopped at a number of different places, nearly all of which were far too expensive for me. I was sorely tempted by a wool shop - I was thrilled to find yarn and knitting needles last week, and special yarn would be fun to play with. I resisted the impulse.

See?!? Pretty wool shop. Possibly has a cat? Wool shops at home do.
There's also a smattering of Rococo over-eagerness. Seriously, pink and curliques?

The imperial baths, where I sunbathed happily for nearly an hour.
On the way home. Clearly I'm living a charmed life.
It was really a lovely visit. I hope to make more day trips as time goes on, and will be sure to keep you all in the loop as I do. Where to next? Not sure. I would like to visit bigger cities like Frankfurt, but bigger cities and I never get along well, so we'll see about that.

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