Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daily chuckle #6

Sixth grade students still struggle with the verb "do" in questions:
Student: Where did you were on your holidays?
Me: Careful, we already have the past tense in "did" - what needs to change?
Student: Oh! Where did you was on your holidays?

My request for a sample gerund (verb ending in -ing) led to a slightly ominous response:
Student: I suggest having fun

My request for more samples led to a bit of an example argument:
Student #1: Instead of playing football, you should be learning.
Me: Very nice. Another example?
Student #2: I can learn by playing.
Me: Probably true. More importantly, correct use of the gerund.

An eleventh grade student had a hard time expressing himself and ended up sounding like Malthus:
Student: If were are being realistic, it is better for us if people in Africa die because that will make the income gap smaller.
Me: I...suppose that's true. It would also be tragic and a problem, right?
Student: Right.
Me: Phew.

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