Monday, March 4, 2013

Here comes the sun!

About a week ago, I complained that it was freezing-winter-cold but without any snow.

(To any who wonder if the glamor that is life abroad in Europe ever settles into a same-old-same-old routine, that post should answer your question. I stumble through teaching over three hundred children every week, I conduct my life in a second language, I'm living in Germany, and the best I can come up with is a discussion on the weather.)

I'm afraid the atmospheric-based discussions haven't quite ended.

Today was a gorgeous day. Fifty-something degrees, sunny, a slight breeze, and a whole day to enjoy the outdoors contributed to a very positive mood. I walked to the city center instead of taking a bus and didn't wear my coat because I didn't need it. Glorious.

This evening I came back to my room and read for a while, which is something I love to do and feel very fortunate that I have the time to indulge. After my lovely day in the sunshine I was kind of sad about evening coming and bringing the dark. Winter in the northern hemisphere brings a lot of dark. I'm tired of it. Even in the daytime, winter has this odd blue/grey cast to it. Witness this picture from my previous post:

Very blue
 And this one that I took earlier in the winter:

Grey. Also, snowing. Still.
But spring is starting to make its way forward, and the light changes too. There's a particular time of the evening when the entire view out my window becomes all orange and warm. Directly across the river are some cliffs that turn coppery and even the trees, still bare this time of year, go the cinnamon-brown of melted chocolate instead of the cold grey of a winter storm.

Today, around six in the evening
Forgive the poor picture, and the constant presence of construction equipment. Notice the orange rocks and how the trees look a little pinkish/reddish/brown. If I'm in my room at this time of the day I always stop and just stare out the window for the five minutes or so that it lingers. I feel cozy and warmed. Even when pitted against the glory that is full, sunny daytime, sunset may be my favorite time of day right now.

Of course tonight, walking back from my Zumba class, I might see all the stars over the river and the fortress lit up a little down the way, and then I wonder if a clear night isn't my favorite time.

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